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Why have a Strengths Mentoring Programme?

  • Cost effective means, in current economic downturn, to develop your key people – both mentors and mentees
  • Fast track your prime talent
  • Develop leadership skills of senior managers
  • Effective for induction and onboarding of key talent
  • Support graduates and leadership programmes
  • Embed company values
  • Drive through change
  • Supports succession planning
  • Increase productivity of staff
  • Improve staff retention
  • Enhance employer brand
  • Increase open and constructive challenge between junior and senior staff
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Increase confidence in ability to do their job
  • Two way learning
  • Mentors offered continued skills development


Why work with MacIndoe?

  • Track record - Designed and delivered several successful programmes. Clients included Aviva, KBR Halliburton, and Fredericks Foundations
  • Credentials - Experienced certified executive coach and mentor, strengths based approach, qualified Appreciate Inquiry consultant, MBA, certified in numerous psychometrics, Master NLP Practitioner
  • Short-listed for Mentor of the Year 2008/09
  • Flexible, will tailor mentoring programme to suit your needs


What Makes a Successful Strengths Mentoring Programme?

In concurrence with studies by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and our experience of designing and managing successful mentoring schemes, the best results are achieved when the following key criteria are evident:

  • Objectives and rationale for the scheme are established upfront, including clarity on the anticipated benefits
  • Mentor and mentees are matched effectively, providing the correct amount of support and stretch
  • Training is provided to mentors and mentees to establish a common understanding of what strengths mentoring is, the boundaries, and to set roles and responsibilities for all parties concerned
  • Review and measurement are put in place to assess success and highlight any problems
  • Continued support and project management are provided throughout the duration of the scheme