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Aviva Mentoring Programme

“It’s not often in life that an output is greater than an input but it was greater in this mentoring programme! It was amazing how quickly it felt comfortable and we were having open and trusting conversations.”


“The quality of conversations that I have has benefited from the mentoring – I don’t go into ‘solutions mode’ as much now! It’s made me stop and ask questions and this has helped me raise awareness in others and help them play to their strengths”

“Mentoring is helping equip me to have the difficult conversations around talent management”

“I am more patient and reflective as a result of my mentoring”

“An understanding that what you see at face value is rarely what is going on for the other person”

“I have learnt to be able to challenge the corners that the mentee often creates for themselves but does not realise they are in”

“Having mentoring conversations has helped me look more at myself. It has refreshed and re-energised me”


Individual Mentoring

“As one of the most senior women in the company, Gail encouraged me serve as a role model to encourage and support other women in Aviva to break through the glass ceiling. It was Gail’s input in mentoring me that made me realise that I had value to add to Aviva – not only as a technical specialist but also in progressing the Women’s agenda”.

Jean Sharp
Group Tax Director

“Gail has really mentored me to be able to see the strengths in myself and others. From the moment I met Gail I knew she would be a strong mentor and role model and I continue to be proved right.”

Lucy Mark
Managing Director

“My mentoring relationship with Gail started quite by accident because I found that due to Gail's expertise, experience and by her general nature I was going to her more and more for advice and to run things by her. I am joint Director for an Executive Coaching and Leadership Development organisation and my partner is often away from the business for lengthy periods of time leaving me to lead the business and drive the strategy forward. Gail has mentored me in the areas of PR, Sales, Business Strategy, and Client delivery and also observes me in front of my clients and gives me feedback on my performance. I find Gail's approach very useful for me because she has bought in our services in previous organisations and can sit in the client's shoes better than I. She also helps me with my own self confidence in certain situations where I can beat myself up unnecessarily. Gail is a very caring individual who is great fun to work with and I truly value spending time with her from a personal perspective. She has helped me learn things about myself that were previously out of my conscious awareness and subsequently will lead to me being a better Coach and a more confident Director of my business.”

Hannah Keep
VI International