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"I now make more use of my teams' abilities allowing me to undertake activities that suit my strengths and have a better return on investment. For example, spending more time on a particular issue has delivered a £5m saving. This is due to strengths based coaching with Gail."
David Morgan
Commercial Director and Board member, DSG

"Many thanks for running an excellent session for us last week. Absolutely hit the mark and got exactly what I (+we) wanted out of it."
Chris Daniels
Head of London 2012 Activation Team, Wholesale, Lloyds Banking Group

"My work with Gail provided me with valuable insights into my behaviour and my interaction with colleagues. As a result I was able to optimise my strengths resulting in positive practical outcomes".
Morley Speed
Managing Director, Marsh Brokers Limited

"The strengths based approach encouraged me to think again about what encourages higher performance and motivations in my team. This generated a more open conversation with one member of my team about whether the types of roles she was most suited for were congruent with the role I was asking her to do."
HR Director
Morley Fund Management

"Gail takes a very holistic approach to coaching without losing focus on the business and performance objectives. She is particularly good at maintaining a high level of challenge and probing whilst being highly supportive."
Sarah Clark, Director of Learning, QinetiQ

"The strengths-based coaching has produced the most significant improvements that I have seen from a candidate on a management development programme."
Frank Wilson
Director, RAC

MacIndoe is an executive coaching and leadership development consultancy firm specialising in enabling business leaders and teams to build on their strengths to maximise results.

Gail MacIndoe created her company MacIndoe, a UK based executive leadership and coaching consultancy, to enable business leaders to gain high performing results through identifying, developing and maximising strengths of themselves as leaders and accessing the diverse strengths of the individuals within their teams.

Gail talks about herself and the Strengths Approach


The MacIndoe philosophy is based on leading edge thinking drawn from positive psychology and neuroscience. Research has shown that the biggest successes are gained by focusing on the desired future and what is currently working rather than focusing time and resources on fixing what it wrong. Working in this way means that difficulties and obstacles are overcome with greater ease and the organisation gains the best use of individual and team strengths to achieve more in the future.

Gail's interest in the strengths based approach to leadership and management dates back to 1999 with the introduction of ground breaking research conducted by Gallup published in First Break All The Rules. It was in 2007 as Executive Coach & Learning & Development Manager at Aviva, after personally piloting a strengths approach, she saw the successful outcomes of such an approach. Armed with tangible proof, Gail has continued to introduce pioneering work in strengths in a number of leading corporations.

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MacIndoe is led by Gail MacIndoe, a certified executive coach and master NLP practitioner and is supported by a network of highly qualified coaches. The range of services offered include 1:1 executive coaching, building high performing teams, designing and managing Strengths Mentoring programmes, psychometric testing, bespoke leadership development workshops, team facilitation and professional speaking. Organisations that Gail has worked for include HSBC Insurance Brokers, Aviva, QinetiQ, American Express, Linklaters, Santander, Lloyds and KBR.